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 Services Include

We believe in the right match for clients. If a client is not a match with their provider, they are welcome to see another provider in our agency.

Individual Therapy 

Each provider has trauma certification and Indigenous Awareness training. Our providers focus on: 

  • Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, OCD, ADHD, PTS, 

  • Reparation of the brain,

  • Restoring the nervous system,

  • Reconnection with self and others, 

  • Restoring kinship,

  • Enhancing inner resilience,

  • Healing centred engagement,

  • Safety-seeking and rapport-building

  • Cultural safety and inclusivity,

  • Sharing and healing of the one's story and finding purpose,

  • Facilitating the journey of healing and well-being,

  • Sharing the importance of culture and spirituality in a therapeutic setting.

  • Holistic approaches that honour the Medicine Wheel and the whole body. 

  • Honouring the Truth and Reconciliation of a person and what that can look like in society

  • Providing neuro-decolonization techniques and education 

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy is more in-depth than counselling. It is different than talk therapy and about restructuring the brain and nervous systems. Trauma therapy is an approach that focuses on healing the whole person and not just the mind. It is a holistic approach that includes the body and brain healing focus. Our bodies carry the trauma while our brains are unable to process the experience that lives within us.  Our people have faced the trauma of cultural genocide that will impact many generations to come. It is important to understand how cultural genocide and systematic racism can create stress on the brain and body. CBT techniques will be limited in how to support our people psychologically. Our trauma therapists have extensive training that requires intensive three-year programs that include: multiple consultations, supervision, and personal integration of material.

Trauma approaches include:

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioners are somatically trained and embody a neurological approach. Each practitioner is trained with either Peter Levine or Self Regulation Trainer. Practitioners are trained in Trauma and the Nervous System.

  • EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. It is an effective treatment for trauma, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • A.R.T Therapy- Accelerated Resolution Therapy is an approach for the resolution and reprocessing of painful memories. 

Therapy that focuses on healing the family. Techniques focus on increasing communication, learning how to repair relationships, and strengthening the bonds between family members. Inquire more about our family healing circles that honour the cultural approaches to supporting family kinship. Family therapy with an Indigenous approach is a restructuring of the family unit with traditional approaches to kinship.


Play therapy is a safe way for children to express emotions and thoughts. It is an interactive process with a qualified therapist to help create insight, understanding, and regulation. Play therapy is used as a healing technique for children who are experiencing distress. All play therapists must have proper certification for best practices. Our Play therapists have THERAPLAY and SAND TRAY Training. 

Counsellors have certification in Somatic, EMDR, or Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Each technique helps to repair the brain, nervous system, and allows for reprocessing. Trauma can also impact our ability to connect with others and manage stress. Counsellors have experience with anxiety, depression, family violence, sexual violence, loss of identity, complex post-traumatic stress, OCD, and emotional stress and dysregulation. Counsellors can provide telehealth and in-person counselling. Counsellors provide gentle approaches and compassion to help support their clients. Mental health support that is culturally sensitive. 

Affordable Counselling

Clients struggling with counselling payments can access our sliding fee scale program. A sliding fee scale may be ideal for clients who pay for services. They have a choice with one of our interns, counsellors, or provisional Psychologists. All practitioners are trained and can provide support based on their level of competence. Interns provide stabilization and support. Counsellors provide counselling support and holistic strategies. Psychologists provide therapeutic techniques and embody a neurological approach to therapy. Masters of Counselling specializing in Indigenous Psychology. Psychological Fees can cost $220.00; however, we can offer it starting at $120.00 through our program. 

Couples Counselling 

Couples counselling helps clients learn how to reconnect and build healthy, strong relationships. Providers specialize in communication strategies, conflict resolution, education, and relationship building. Please inquire regarding Indigenous focus couples counselling. Couples counsellors have Gottman's Certification level one and two.

Indigenous Counselling

Indigenous counselling focuses on culturally informed techniques blended into the therapeutic setting. It honours the Two-Eyed Seeing approach. All our counsellors specialize in the impacts of Residential Schools, impacts of racial discrimination and oppression, murder and missing Indigenous peoples, cultural genocide, and forced assimilation. Counsellors focus on the integration of cultural knowledge and cultural practices to help with healing and well-being. 


These are the steps in order for you to have a session:

For new clients:

1. Please click on the BOOK NOW. 

2. Choose Location

3. Choose Therapist

4. Choose the Service

5. Create an account and verify your email.

For existing clients:

1. Please click on the SIGN IN

2. Choose Location

3. Choose assigned Therapist

4. Choose the Service

5. Choose desired day and time

AT THE TIME of your session,

1.) Click on the email reminder to log into your account OR visit the website and click Book Now

2.) Log in to the Owl Portal.


4.) Click on your appointment                SESSION link.

5.) Give permission to use your              microphone and camera. 

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