Services Include:

We believe in the right match for clients. If a client is not match with their provider, they are welcome to see another provider in our agency.

Registered Psychologist and Provisional Psychologist offering therapeutic support. Psychologist are covered under insurance benefits, Treaty Status, First Nations Inuit Health Branch, Indian Residential School System, Murdered Missing Indigenous Woman and Jordan's Principle. Psychologist  are also providers for BlueCross, Canada West, Green Shield etc. Sessions are both Telehealth and In-person.

Fees include: $170.00- $200.00

FNIHB will cover 20 sessions per year. 

IRS covers 60 Sessions per year.

Counsellors have a Masters in Counselling and can offer supportive counselling to clients throughout Alberta. Counsellors have experience in Anxiety, Depression. Post-Traumatic Stress, OCD, Emotional Stress and Dysregulation.  Counsellors can provide Telehealth and In-person Counselling. Counsellors provider gentle approaches and compassion to help support their clients.


Mental Health Practitioners Fees: $70.00

Indigenous Counsellors $120.00

Masters of Counselling Interns $50.00-$70.00

Clients that are having difficulty with counselling payments can access our sliding fee scale program. A sliding fee scale may be ideal for clients who pay cash.  They have a choice with one of our interns, Counsellors or Psychologists. All practitioners are trained and can provide support based on their level of competence. Intern provide stabilization and support. Counsellors provide counselling support and holistic strategies. Psychologists provide therapeutic techniques and embody a neurological approach to therapy. 

Interns -Lisa K, Danielle Newsome,

Fees include: $50.00-$70.00. 

Counsellors-Marcus Johnstone, Kelly Hawreliak, Horeya Mosavi, fees include $70.00-$120.00. 

Provisional Psychologists-Ola Omotosho, fees Include: $130.00-$150.00.

Supportive Counselling Program/Masters of Counselling Students

Counselling services are offered by our Interns, and Master in Counselling students. As these students are emerging in the field of counselling, they are learning how to provide counselling that bridges clinical and cultural techniques. They are supervised under Leigh Sheldon. they learn research and best practices in Two-Eyed Seeing Approaches to therapy. Interns undergo weekly supervision, consultation, research reviews, and weekly group 



Clients that are waiting for FNIHB services can access sliding fee scale services. These clients will be fast tracked into FNIHB providers. Interns will help clients set up with a provider and continuation of services. 


Services are Telehealth and In-person.

Fees are $50.00 -$70.00 per session.


Practitioners are somatically trained and embody a neurological approach. Each practitioner is trained with either Peter Levine and Self Regulation Trainer. Practitioners are trained in Trauma and the Nervous System.  Leigh Sheldon  is trained in Somatic Attachment Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Intermediate level. Marcus Johnstone has started Beginner Level Somatic Experiencing. 

Leigh Sheldon, Somatic Attachment and Somatic Experiencing.Fees: $200.00

Marcus Johnstone Somatic Experiencing Beginner Level One.  Fees: $70.00


Play therapy is a safe way for children to express emotions and thoughts. It is an interactive process with a qualified therapist to help create insight, understanding and regulation. Play therapy is used as a healing technique for children that are experiencing distress. All play therapists must have proper certification for best practices. 

Kathleen Golosky, Play Therapist and Attachment-Based Certification.

Fees: $200.00

EMDR Therapy 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. It is an effective treatment for trauma, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


EMDR Practitioners: 

Kathleen Golosky, Rates $200.00

Candace Hamilton Rates $200.00

Sheila Vaughan Rates $200.00

Kelly Hawreliak,  Rates $70.00

Horeya Mosavi, Rates $70.00

Indigenous Counselling

Indigenous Counselling focuses on cultural informed techniques blended into the therapeutic setting. Counsellors specialize the impacts of Residential Schools, impacts of racial discrimination and oppression, murder and missing indigenous peoples, cultural genocide and forced assimilation. Counsellors focus on the integration of cultural knowledge and cultural practices to help with healing and well-being. 


Indigenous Psychologist:

Kathleen Golosky, Leigh Sheldon, Brittany Travis

Fees: $200.00

Indigenous Counsellors: Kelly Hawreliak.

Fees $70.00


These are the steps in order for you to have a session:

1. Please click on the BOOK NOW. 

2. Click  Book a Session  

3. You will need to First, click on location, Second, choose your therapist, Third choose the service.

4. Create an account and Verify your email.

5. Your appointment will not be confirmed unless you check your email for a verification email. 

6. Log back into your account to access your sessions.

This will set up an account for clients to see all their bookings, invoices and client information.

AT THE TIME of your session,

1.)Click on the email reminder to log into your account OR visit the website and click Book Now

2.) Log in to the Owl Portal.


4.) Click on your appointment                SESSION link.

5.) Give permission to use your              microphone and camera.