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We Are Expanding:

We are accepting applications for Clinical Registered Social Workers, and Registered Psychologists!  We have an office in Calgary, Edmonton, Slave Lake, and Enoch. 


We strive in creating a safe team that is willing to work together, while providing best practices for our people we work with. We are recognized nationally and have increased opportunities throughout the province. We are not limited to Indigenous clients and have a sister practice called Rise Above Psychological Services. We are looking at building a team that supports one another in their personal and professional growth.  Indigenous Psychological Services is an entrepreneurial type of practice for others to open a practice throughout Canada, while following the same values, missions and cultural ethics. Indigenous Psychological Services provides an opportunity to build your practice with our values that align with kinship, best practice and Two- Eyed Seeing Approach. Practitioners must value team collaboration, application of Medicine Wheel teachings, holistic approaches and most importantly be willing to experience culture ceremonies.

Our agency has incentive program.  We provide Cultural Competency and Trauma Training.  There is an opportunity for yearly scholarships up to $1000.00 for Health Spending or Professional Trainings. Other incentives include additional compensation based on clients seen. We host monthly case consultations and opportunities for growth and leadership. 

We provide circle approaches to our team environment. We have to embody the wheel in order to help others. We value compassionate, safety and respect.  Providers must have good standing registration with CAP or ACSW, Criminal Record Check, Children Services Intervention Check and Professional Insurance.  Please email: for more details. 

To apply, please complete this form:

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