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Psychological and Counselling Services for Indigenous Demographics but not limited to Indigenous Populations.

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We offer integrated services for clients seeking Indigenous and Non-Indigenous support.

We are immersed in culture that we share on Turtle Island. Our team believes in culturally and trauma informed care. 

Services include: individual counselling, family healing circles, group therapy, cultural liaison, workshop and training.

 Client can access coverage through First Nations Inuit Health Branch and Insurance Coverage..  

Our Provisional and Registered Psychologist are Providers for Insurance Companies. 

We also have a sliding fee scale. Not all counsellors are FNIHB providers. 

There are COVID protocols. Masks are mandatory. Clients will need to rebook if presenting any symptoms. 


Trauma and culturally informed Counsellors and Psychologists

offer a range of therapeutic techniques to fit the needs of each client.

Training is completed by Leigh Sheldon 



Group therapy is provided by our  well trained team that offers a range of various topics. Our group facilitators also includes Elders and sharing circles. 


Each Psychologist, Counsellors and  Consultant has a range of abilities and expertise. They provide training and workshops throughout Alberta. 

A team created to embody the wellness and healing of our Medicine Wheel 


IMG_5688 2.JPG

Leigh Sheldon

Indigenous Registered Psychologist

Masters in Counselling

Leigh's Counselling Services

Founder of Indigenous 

Psychological Services

FNIHB Provider

Leigh founded both Aboriginal Psychological and Indigenous Psychological Services. She is from Swan River First Nations and self identifies as Woodlands Cree. She is trained in Somatic Attachment and 

completed Beginner Level Somatic Experiencing. She values the research around colonialism, Neuroscience and the brain.

Leigh is trauma and culturally informed with her on-going research and supervision based on counselling with Indigenous demographics. The focus of her studies has reflected on decolonization, holistic approaches and Indigenous wellness. 

Individual counselling, couples counselling and family counselling.

Sessions can be in person and telehealth.  

FNIHB provider.




Kathleen Golosky

Metis Registered Psychologist  

Masters of Counselling

EMDR Therapist

Play/Attachment Therapist

FNIHB Provider

Kathleen Golosky is a Metis Psychologist. She is a certified play therapist who is culturally and trauma informedKathleen's counselling modalities include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She also uses Integrative Attachment Attachment Protocol, Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behaviour Therapies.   

Kathleen has experience in multiple settings including schools, community counselling agencies, and residential addictions treatment centre. She specializes with children and youth.


Certified Play Therapist 

Child/Youth/Adult counselling

Individual Counselling

Attachment Focused Therapy

EMDR Therapy 

Telehealth and In-person

FNIHB Provider

IMG_2357 3.jpeg

Adriana Henderson

Registered Psychologist 

Masters of Counselling

Bachelors of Education

Indigenous Ally

FNIHB Provider  

Adriana Henderson  Is a non-Indigenous Ally. She is both a high school teacher and Registered Psychologist. She began teaching Junior high/High school in 1992 and has worked exclusively with teenagers her entire career. In 2011 she graduated from City University of Seattle with a Masters in Counselling and has been working in a counselling capacity in schools since 2009. In 2019 she became a fully Registered Psychologist. Adriana draws on an eclectic approach to therapy; she is grounded in the therapeutic theories of EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy but also draws on techniques of Somatic Therapy, Hakomi and  Gestalt Therapy. Adriana recently completed Certification in Suicide and Assessments, Certification in Trauma Complex level One and  She is also specializing in Indigenous Cultural Awareness and the impacts of healing. Although Adriana’s main client population has been junior high and high school students, she is looking forward to working with a diverse adult clientele while at Indigenous Psychological Services.  

Individual Counselling

In-Person and Telehealth

Covered under Insurance benefits.

FNIHB Provider 



Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 6.37.05 AM.png

Frank Shannon




Knowledge Keeper

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner;

Self Regulation Therapy Practitioner; 

Cultural Competency Trainer; 

Somatic Consultation Liaison;  

Facilitation and Workshops with Indigenous Culturally based Trauma for Staff and Service Teams; and, Trauma Practitioner Individual Sessions.

Frank is not accepting clients. 


Laurie Escott

Mental Health Therapist 

Masters of Counselling Psychology  

Yorkville University.

Laurie completed Master in Counselling through Yorkville.  She is a non-Indigenous Ally. Laurie has completed certification in Treating Complex Trauma Beyond Competency through PESI and supervised in how to apply the Indigenous cultural counselling to clients and best practices for BIPOC populations. She is trauma informed with providing therapy to youth and adults. She continues to advance in her trauma training with PESI certification. She also has training in:  Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI); ASSIST (Suicide Intervention);

Indigenous Awareness; Stewards of Children Sexual Abuse Prevention Training, Mental Health; Cognitive Behavoiral Therapy; FASD Awareness; and SFT Introductory Workshop.

Individual Counselling,

Group Therapy 

In-Person Counselling  and Telehealth.

Not a FNIHB Provider. 


Marcus Johnstone Portrait 2.heic

Marcus Johnstone

Masters of Counselling

Psychology (in progress):

Yorkville University.

 Marcus is a Non-Indigenous Ally. He serves BIPOC clients. Marcus is enrolled in a   Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology student interning with Leigh’s Counselling Services. His  studies have allowed me exposure to an array of intervention skills and techniques with my focus being in the areas of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and cultural diversity. Over the last 5 years, I have spent time volunteering, participating, and facilitating in transformational healing work. This work focuses on overcoming life challenges, trauma, and healing in either a group or individual setting. Marcus Theoretical framework includes spiritual, holistic and approaches that reflect cultural sensitivity approaches. 

Outside of counselling and psychology, I grew up playing high level soccer which saw me play with the Canadian Youth National Team, Vancouver Whitecaps Residency and eventually with the University of Alberta. Between soccer and strength and conditioning I have over 10 years of experience working in the field of coaching.

Individual Counselling,

Group Therapy 

In-Person Counselling  and Telehealth.

Not a FNIHB Provider.

Non-Indigenous Ally

Serving BIPOC Communities 

IMG_9340 2.jpeg

Kelly Hawreliak

Masters of Counselling In Progress

City University of Seattle

Kelly is an Indigenous Intern taking Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle. Kelly has been in the human services field for over 22 years, supporting Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, including LGBTQ2S+ and other culturally diverse populations. Kelly has experience as a Cultural Connector and Circle Keeper, including facilitating cultural competence training, cultural sensitivity, and Practise as Ceremony (Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society). Kelly has experience working with children, youth, adults, and families focusing on intergenerational trauma, grief and loss, parenting, substance use and multiple forms of abuse (sexual, family/partner violence).

Kelly works from a holistic lens. She is currently trained in EMDR, solution focused therapy, and Attachment theory (psychodynamic perspective). She also embodies the Solution Focused Brief Therapy; Trauma informed care; Traditional Parenting (Janet Fox). Lastly, she has an undergrad degree in Child and Youth Care.

Individual Counselling

In-Person Counselling and Telehealth

Not A FNIHB Provider

Serving BIPOC communities .


Horeya Mosavi 

Masters of Counselling In Progress

City University of Seattle

Horeya is a Non-Indigenous Ally. She works with a diverse population of individuals from different cultural background dealing with trauma and PTSD. She utilizes a Narrative Therapy (NT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and cultural diversity in my practice from a person-centred approach. She is currently being trained in EMDR. She works with individuals going through grief, trauma, PTSD helping individuals to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories to allow the brain to resume its natural healing process. She currently volunteers with Chrysalis Network, a national human trafficking hotline, as a counsellor providing care for the survivors of human sex trafficking. 

Individual Counselling

In-Person Counselling and Telehealth

Not A FNIHB Provider

Serving BIPOC communities .

IMG_3653 2.jpeg

Danielle Newsome 

Masters of Counselling

Psychology (in progress):

Yorkville University.

Danielle is completing her Master of Counselling through Yorkville University. She is a non-Indigenous Ally. She has over 19 years of extensive experience working with individuals and their supports with complex behavioural support needs, developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, trauma, Indigenous populations and those with dual diagnosis. She believes in a framework that incorporates trust, relationship building, trauma-informed, caregiver learning and support. 


She has a strong background in a bio-psycho-social model of supports that is trauma-focused and informed care. Working through a trauma-informed and attachment lens, she utilizes a positive psychology and strengths-based approach in order to be person-centered and solution focussed in counselling sessions. She is familiar with cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, and existential therapy. She has extensive experience working with Indigenous peoples and wanting to focus on incorporating this into her future practice. 


Danielle recently completed the Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine. Training and certifications in progress include, Telemental Health Certification, Trauma Treatment Certification, Culturally Responsive Approaches to Mental Health for Native Youth, and Gottman Level 1 & 2 Couples Therapy. 

Individual Counselling,

Group Therapy 

Couple Counselling 

In-Person Counselling  and Telehealth.

Not a FNIHB Provider.

Non-Indigenous Ally

Serving BIPOC Communities 


Lisa K.

Masters of Cousnelling 

Psychology (In Process)

Athabasca University

Lisa is completing her Masters in Counselling through Athabasca University. She is a non-Indigenous Ally who has 12 years of lived experiences in remote Indigenous communities. Currently, Lisa is providing counselling and support to clients with eating disorders and body image concerns. Lisa is a certified inclusion teacher with extensive training and experience with a variety of learning, developmental, and mental health concerns.


Her educational background includes a Master of Education special education thesis and post-secondary coursework in psychology, counselling, inclusion, and disability studies. Her professional experiences include teaching and training Education Assistants, developing individualized programming, and completing a variety of assessments.

She has certification in Telehealth Treatment of Addictive Behavior (2021) and Certification in Complex Trauma Training Level One (2022). She has completed  Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) Certificate and Overcoming Trauma-Related Shame Certificate. She is currently enrolled  in Certification in Complex Trauma Training Level Two (in progress) and How the Body Keeps the Score Intensive Trauma Treatment Course (in progress).

Individual Counselling,

Group Therapy 

In-Person Counselling  and Telehealth.

Not a FNIHB Provider.

Non-Indigenous Ally

Serving BIPOC Communities 

In response to the recent children being found:

We, as an agency, acknowledge and grieve for the 215 children whose bodies were recently discovered in Kamloops. This is a horrific tragedy and sadly, it is just one of many tragic stories that are finally starting to be told. The conversation around the abuse of indigenous people and specifically around what was happening in the Residential Schools, is just beginning.  This will be a painful process but only through comprehending and acknowledging the full breadth of the darkness, can hope and healing come. The process of understanding the past will continue for some time AND will continue to cause much pain. Considering that the last residential school in Canada closed in 1996, we will all feel this pain for many years to come. Our children will feel this pain; and their children. 


Sadly, the discovery in Kamloops is similar to those found at many other sites in Canada. The mistreatment of Canada's Indigenous people was part of a larger systematic genocide of aboriginal peoples around the globe. All of this underscores the scope of what humanity can do and how those actions can impact us. Research shows that the impacts of experiences like the Residential Schools are so extreme, that they can affect up to 7 generations. 


Findings like those in Kamloops will very likely stir memories and emotions for many people. If you are suffering, please don't go through it alone. Please seek support from friends and family and professional counsel. It does not matter so much WHO you see, it just matters that you DO see someone that can help work through the trauma culturally and somatically. This burden is not yours to carry but is a byproduct of a colonial system that even today can have a hold,  keeping us in a state of suffering. Please tell your story, seek education regarding this matter and seek support. We need to have more conversations and more awareness of how we as a people and as individuals carry complex trauma. 


Research into how to support people who have been traumatized is ongoing but there are a few things to keep in mind:It is important that psychologists, counselors and mental health therapists are educated and have the latest research about the impacts of Residential Schools on our nervous systems and brain function. We need to be trauma-informed and help bridge our counselling services to cultural practices. The culture can help mend the spirit, trauma therapy and neuroplasticity can re-wire the brain and allow the nervous system to access health. These are specific modalities that are needed in order to help the client. For this reason, on-going training is important to an understanding of how to help clients. 

Let us not forgot the lost and stolen children, let us not forgot the children that attended, and let us not forgot how this impacts out children today. PLEASE help us be part of a movement to bring our children home.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

With our Circle of Laws that guide us,

we facilitate professional services that can

create a greater well-being for our clients

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