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kakiyaw miyo-ayawin

(All encompassing, wellness and wellbeing)

Psychological and Counselling Services for Indigenous Clients but not limited to Indigenous Populations. We provide services to all populations residing in Alberta. 


Virtual Admin hours: 

Tuesday - Friday


Call: 587-594-9855 or Book Online:

In-Person Locations:

Slave Lake, Red Deer, Enoch, Edmonton and Calgary 


Due to the overwhelming increase in the volume of calls, we are limited with offering in-person supports for people requesting FNIHB. We focus on trauma that understands Neuro-decolonization, and holistic approaches. It is apparent that these type of services are needed and requested by many. At this time we can only offer Pay for Services or Insurance  starting at $50-$160.00 that are in person at Edmonton, Slave Lake and Calgary. We can also offer women's groups,  men's groups, and youth cultural groups.   If you have recently inquired about our services and have not heard from us, please call 780-400-4626 ext. 118. Please contact Edmonton FNIHB Regional Office to connect with other FNIHB providers: 1-800-232-7301 or Alberta Indigenous Virtual Care Clinic 1/-888-342-4822. When accessing FNIHB services,  clients are required to go through insurance first before using this service. This is an ISC policy and not an Indigenous Psychological Services policy.  Please contact a FNIHB Navigator from your nation to help advocate if you need extra support.

We offer integrated services for clients who are Indigenous, BIPOC and Non-Indigenous people.

We are immersed in culture that we share on Turtle Island and believe in being inclusive to all.

Our team believes in the Two-Eyed Seeing approach when it comes to helping people. We need to understand the importance of culture and how this can impact a person's healing and well-being in a psychological setting.  In addition, we as professionals need to engage in the culture to truly understand the meaning and how this can help our people we work with. All our providers are also trauma informed and have certification in Somatic, ART or EMDR.  We are a growing practice that allows for others to share their passion in working with Indigenous populations. 

We also offer affordable rates with counselling starting at $70.00 instead of $220.00.

  • Trauma Therapy

  • Indigenous Counselling

  • Telehealth

  • Couples Counselling 

  • Youth Counselling 

  • Parent-Child Reunification 

  • Indigenous Focused Therapy

  • Family Counselling 

  • Play Therapy

  • EMDR, Somatic and Accelerated Resolutions Trauma therapy. 

Women's Circle of Strength

Leigh Sheldon R.Psych

Every Thursdays starting Oct 21, 2022 

Times 10:00am-12:00pm.

Located at #104 17510-102ave.

Register at

Healthy Relationship Group 

Leigh Sheldon R. Psych

Every Wednesday 10:00am-12:00pm 

Located at #104, 17510-102ave 


Trauma Foundations Group 

Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm

Located #103 17510-102ave 

Leigh Sheldon R.Psych 

Mens Group is currently still meeting every second Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Located at #104 7510-102ave.  All Our clients attend for free. 

Please message Garth Lacombe at 780-554-7538. Group dates are  May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22, and Aug 5, Aug 19

  • Training -Bridging Clinical and Cultural Practices

  • Research on the Benefits of the Medicine Wheel and how to put into Practice. 

  • Indigenous Awareness Training and the Workplace.

  • Two Eyed Seeing Approach and Practice. 

  • Mental Health Trauma and Addictions

  • Neuro-Decolonization 

  • Healthy Relationship and Kinship 

  • Impacts of Residential Schools and the Influence it has today

  • Intergenerational Trauma and Trauma informed Therapies

Cost $275 per person

Full Day Group Training $1200.00

Half Day Training $600.00

A safe place created to embody the wellness and healing of our Medicine Wheel  and Holistic Approaches. 

Adriana Henderson

School Psychologist 


In Person Edmonton

IMG_2113 9.JPG

Leigh Sheldon 

Registered Psychologist

Founder and CEO

In-Person Edmonton 

Slave Lake  



Kathleen Golosky

Child Trauma Psychologist 

Metis Nation

In-Person Edmonton


Contact: 587-400-9617

Screen Shot 2022-11-25 at 5.33.41 AM.png

Eric Keskin

Registered Psychologist 

Counselling & Assessments 

In-Person Calgary 


Contact 587-500-6823

IMG_2193 4.JPG

Selena Backman 

Registered Psychologist


In-Person Red Deer

Contact 587-400-6812


Brittany Travis 

Registered Psychologist

Trauma Specialist 


In-Person Calgary 

Contact 587-400-4631 


Jacquie Olynyk 

Registered Psychologist

Trauma Specialist


Contact 587-400-9333


Malvern Nyamande 

Registered Social Worker 

Couple and Family Therapist 

Trauma Specialist

In-Person Calgary 

Contact 587-400-9630 


Danielle Newsome

Registered Provisional Psychologi

Behavioral Consultant 

Applied Behavioral Analysis and Intellectual Disabilities.

Couples and Family


Contact: 587-400-6718 

IMG_9340 2.jpeg

Kelly Hawreliak

Master in Counselling

In-Process, Edmonton

Child-Family Trauma Specialist  

Indigenous Focused therapy

Contact: 587-400-6739


Marcus Johnstone

Certified Canadian Counsellor, Edmonton 


Indigenous Counselling

Trauma and Grief Specialist

Trauma Group Facilitator 

Contact: 587-760-1151

Masters of Counselling Students

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 6.51.57 PM.png

Jasmine Nanooch

Masters of Counselling 

in Process, Edmonton 

Director of Client Case Coordinator

Indigenous Counsellor 

Contact 587-400-4626



Ruta Nuguse

Masters of Counselling in Process

BIPOC/Holistic Counselling

Indigenous Focused Therapy 

Edmonton/ Slave Lake 


FullSizeRender-preview 5.JPG

Erin Leech


Masters of Counselling in Process, Edmonton 

Metis Counsellor

Trauma Informed 


Masters of Clinical Social Work in Process, Edmonton 

Registered Dietitian

Trauma Specialist 


Diana Shankaruk

Virtual Admin Team


Sarah Vo

Multiple Locations: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook


West End Location:

#104-17510 102 Avenue

T5S 1K2

Calgary Location:

30 Springborough BLVD SW

Suite 242 Calgary Ab.,

T3H 5M6

Telehealth Throughout Alberta

Red Deer 

Gasoline Ally 

Enoch AB,

Box 917, T7X 3Y3


Slave Lake Alberta,

Regional Office. 

806 Caribou Trail.

Edmonton Badge.jpeg

With our Circle of Laws that guide us,
we can facilitate professional services that can
create a greater well-being for our clients.


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